Post-Scarcity Economics and the End of Capitalism, June 20th 2015, METal

I have been asked to give a talk before a business culture group call “METal” in Los Angeles on Sat., June 20th It should be very interesting as what I will present will be largely contrary to the values of the group, I suspect.

Called: Post-Scarcity Economics and the End of Capitalism

Posted info:
<Taking an evolutionary view of economics, coupled with modern revelations in human psychology, environmental synergy and the basis of true social stability, Peter Joseph presents a new economic train of thought based on natural law science. Since the great divergence from the Malthusian trap in the 19th century, human society now plows toward the dawn of a dramatic transition. The march of job removing labor automation, the extreme overshoot of global resource use, the fact virtually all life support systems are now in decline, the looming pollution induced climate disaster, along with the modern sociological reality that the competitive business ethic has proven to create more harm than good – are just a few of the issues to be discussed. The end realization is that in order to pull humanity out of the tailspin it is currently in, radical shifts, as revealed by scientific investigation and technological trends, must occur and quickly.

The solution arrived at is called a Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy. This new type of socioeconomic system, one that transcends the need for money and trade as we know it, has the potential to vastly improve the world, create profound social stability, and true balance with our habitat. Some features of this model include applying advanced networking systems to gain improved economic feedback, synergetic AI programming tied to resource applications, applied automation in the interest to remove direct human labor and maximize efficiency, along with open-source product design/development to maximize engineering efficacy.

Peter Joseph is an American filmmaker, author and social activist. He founded The Zeitgeist Movement, a grassroots network with hundreds of chapters across the world. Joseph has lectured on the subjects of cultural/social sustainability, the importance of critical thought, and the social role of the arts and scientific literacy.>

Peter Joseph at METal