Rutger Hauer honors Zeitgeist: The Movie at the 2008 “I’VE SEEN FILMS” Film Festival

Rutger Hauer honors Zeitgeist: The Movie


I’VE SEEN FILMS is proud to announce that the Festival is moving into its core phase with the live Event that will be taking place from September 22 to 26 in Milan. The internet contest has just ended with staggeringly successful results far exceeding any anticipated expectations. The 132 online competing works have received a staggering number of more than 250,000 views…

Tickets for the Festival’s Award Evening and the Special Events, all followed by Q&A sessions with the audience, hosted by Mr. Hauer and the Festival’s Guests, are on sale on the Skyline Multiplex website ( ). Ticket sale proceeds go to the unending fight against the AIDS disease.

Richard Gere, Paul Verhoeven, Ridley Scott, Robert Rodriguez and Maestro Ludovico Einaudi are among the valued members of I’ve Seen Films International Jury…

The program also includes a special screening of ‘Zeitgeist’ attended by its author, Peter Joseph. All Special Events will be followed by live Q&A sessions afterward between the Festival Artists and the audience…

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Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist: The Movie at Rutger Hauer Festival
Archive: Peter Joseph’s Zeitgeist: The Movie at Rutger Hauer’s Film Festival


I’VE SEEN FILMS 2008 is proud to announce that the Festival ended end with a very successful response from the audience and the authors, who have seen their works screened in a very large screening room of the Skyline Multiplex complex, on a a 20-meter (66 ft.) wide screen and with a state-of-the-art technical set-up that includes an International THX® Certified system...

Six ‘I’ve Seen Films’ Special Acknowledgements went to

‘The Real Action Heroes’ by Mark Wallaard (the Netherlands)

‘Wizard of OS: The Fish Incident’ by Tom Jantol (Croatia)

‘Ringtone’ by Jeremy Boxen (Canada)

‘H5N1’ by Roberto De Feo (Italy)

‘Integration’ by Dave Michael Guller Grønvall-Pedersen (Denmark)

the Blue Dolls and Hermes Mangialardo and for their ‘Handful of Keys’ videoclip (Italy)

A Special Acknowledgement was offered to Peter Joseph for his internet sensation documentary ‘Zeitgeist’ (USA). Peter Joseph also held an extremely interesting and provocative Q&A session with the audience after the ‘Zeitgeist’ screening…

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Archive for Festival Award
Archive for Festival Award