The New Human Rights Movement | Peter Joseph, Nov. 8th 2017 Lecture

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Video: The New Human Rights Movement | Peter Joseph, Nov. 8th 2017 @ The University of Santa Barbara, CA

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About: Peter Joseph is an American-born social critic and activist who has lectured around the world on the subject of cultural sustainability. Once deemed “The Herald of Occupy Wall Street” for his tacit prediction of inevitable global uprisings against inequality and economic injustice, his extensive media work has been translated into over 130 languages and experienced by 250 million people. Working in concert with numerous NPOs and grassroots organizations, Joseph’s core focus is on socioeconomic structures that … [Read More]

InterReflections Trailer

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InterReflections is an experimental, mixed genre narrative feature film by Peter Joseph, adapted from his book The New Human Rights Movement.

This is the first of a trilogy series about a fictional global revolution. Taking place in three time frames, the through-line is connected by the story of Concordia – a hacktivist origination comprised of high-ranking military defectors from around the world. They seek to stop further destabilization of the world in the mid 21st century by strategically shifting technological focus from “weaponry” to “livingry”. Over the course of the three films, the audience will be taken on a journey … [Read More]

The New Human Rights Movement

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Now available to order in various forms, this new book by is a refined creation that took a decade of research and experience. While the release will not be until March 21st 2017, your preorder will help push the work through the ranks for more impact when it is finally available. Official Website.

Review by the NY Journal of Books

Society is broken. We can design our way to a better one.

In our increasingly interconnected world, self-interest and social-interest are rapidly becoming indistinguishable. If the oceans die, if society fractures, or if global warming spirals out of control, … [Read More]

Zeitgeist I, Ending Remix by America Dj Bassnectar

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Famed, socially conscious American DJ Bassnector did a beautiful audio/video remix – live multimedia display – of the most important gestural section of Zeitgeist: The Movie. Many are unaware that Zeitgeist: The Movie was a 2007 performance work first, later to be adapted as an experimental documentary. At the 2011, I did an updated solo percussion, a/v version of it at the Zeitgeist Media Festival in Hollywood, including music from the series as a whole.

Though, it is hard to top this!:

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“InterReflections I” 2015 Update

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InterReflections I

Update: Currently  set for late  2015 release. Please sign up for the mailing list to be update about release info.

“In a quest for a new, more humane society, a counter-culture revolution takes the world by storm. In the first of the InterReflections Trilogy, we look back to the modern world and wonder how  we managed to survive as long as we had.”


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InterReflections I by Peter Joseph
InterReflections I by Peter Joseph
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Understanding Truncated Free-Market Thought & General Delusions

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Understanding Truncated Free-Market Thought & General Delusions

This is a response to an email received.

Dear Peter,

I have been talking to libertarians about an RBE and get frustrated countering their narrow arguments. I have included some points brought up I would like help with, if you have time.

About resource abuse and exploitation, he says:
“If you own something, you want to maintain it in good condition. Private property means people will care about their property, including resources and employees… Those employee are also there voluntarily in a free market, so it is their choice.”

When I talk … [Read More]

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Understanding “Structural Coercion” and “Structural Violence”

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Understanding “Structural Coercion” and “Structural Violence”, by Peter Joseph

This is a response to an email received. While the subject of “Structural Coercion” and “Structural Violence” seem hard for many to grasp, it is actually very simple once a systems-based perspective is taken and the world is viewed through the eyes of large scale statistics and not narrow anecdotes/reductionist thought.

Dear Peter,

I was talking to a person in a free-market forum about Structural Coercion and Structural Violence as you often talk about and they argued that you are saying nothing more than “doing work” is Structural Coercion and … [Read More]

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4th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014

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I’m pleased to announce that the Los Angeles TZM team, after much debate about style, location and time, will move forward with the 4th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014. This year it will be at the Federal in North Hollywood, a top floor event space with a great feel…ironically an old Bank! 😉  More info at the Global ZMF Website.

Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014
Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014

See 2012 Review of the 2nd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival in Hollywood Today:
“Hollywood, CA(Hollywood Today)8/14/12/—Legend suggests that the mythic giant, Goliath, was too intoxicated with his own power to recognize the skill concealed in … [Read More]

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InterReflections Update, June 2014

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While the anticipated released of the InterReflections Film Trilogy was to be this year, 2014, tasks relating to The Zeitgeist Movement along with a complex budgetary circumstance has pushed the release of the first of the series to mid 2015. I apologize to those who keep asking about it.

More will be updated on this blog as time unfolds. ~p


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2012 “Breaking The Set” Interview about InterReflections:

Official (2012) Press Release

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 15, 2012
Controversial Social Activist and Filmmaker 
Peter Joseph, creator of the world-renowned “Zeitgeist Film Series,” which [Read More]