Zeitgeist: Addendum wins highest award at 5th Annual Artivist Film Festival, Hollywood 2008

ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM Wins Top award in Hollywoods Artivist Film Festival
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“ZEITGEIST ADDENDUM, the highly-anticipated sequel to Director Peter Joseph’s controversial and eye-opening documentary, ZEITGEIST, has been selected to open this year’s festival. The first ZEITGEIST, released in 2007 on Google Video, made its official World Premiere at last year’s festival and earned the “Artivist Spirit” honors for Best Feature Film at the 2007 ARTIVIST AWARDS. Since then, ZEITGEIST has become an on-line phenomenon as the most downloaded film in Internet history. While the initial film focused on challenging perspectives on religion, The World Trade Center attacks of September 11th, and the formation and function of the Federal Reserve Bank, the follow up will explore several new topics including the potential positive transformation of our global societies.

“Director Peter Joseph demonstrates the ability to take risky subject matter and turn it into a visually, emotionally, and intellectually compelling case for a greater point of view,” states Diaky Diaz. “Millions of people gravitated toward Peter’s first film. We are excited that this year’s Artivist Film Festival will provide a platform to once again, pique the curiosity of millions of viewers and continue the dialogue about topics concerning Americans and citizens worldwide.””

Zeitgeist Addendum 2008 Awards
Zeitgeist Addendum 2008 Awards