4th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014

I’m pleased to announce that the Los Angeles TZM team, after much debate about style, location and time, will move forward with the 4th Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014. This year it will be at the Federal in North Hollywood, a top floor event space with a great feel…ironically an old Bank! 😉  More info at the Global ZMF Website.

Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014
Zeitgeist Media Festival 2014

See 2012 Review of the 2nd Annual Zeitgeist Media Festival in Hollywood Today:
“Hollywood, CA(Hollywood Today)8/14/12/—Legend suggests that the mythic giant, Goliath, was too intoxicated with his own power to recognize the skill concealed in the artistry of his far humbler nemesis, the equally legendary and iconic musician, David, who knew exactly where to aim his single, smooth stone and exactly how much tension to place on his slingshot to bring the proud Goliath crashing back to Earth.

How much power does the artist really wield? Can the artist become king, as the story of David proclaims? And what is a king? Who or what rules our own rapidly changing times? Is the whole thing just up for grabs – like a cosmic roulette wheel? Or is there a decipherable methodology that can keep power less burdened by guile and tactical brutality, so that humanity’s better intentions stand a higher chance of translating into world-wide action? Especially now as the human population continues to mushroom.

The word Zeitgeist comes from the German “zeit” which means changing tides, a period of time, an age; and “geist”, which means ‘spirit’. So “Zeitgeist” refers to the thematic essence or spirit of a time, a characterizing tone by which we can epitomize a particular period or era. “Change” – a word injected with new meaning by Bob Dylan in 1963 when he recognized the close alliance between the American civil rights movement and folk music – is implicit in the dynamics of Zeitgeist.” MORE

Given the Zeitgeist Film Series ended in 2011, I have continued the idea with “Zeitgeist”- based Live Performances.

( The original “Zeitgeist” was a Live Perf.)

Original Zeitgeist Perf. Camera Phone Capture, 2007

In 2012 I made “Zeitgeist Requiem for One

Zeitgeist: Requiem for One, 2012


And is 2013 I did “Zeitgeist System Bound”

Zeitgeist: System Bound, 2013